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First progressive rock epic by the brand new intercontinental prog band FORMATIV. Jeremy Cubert (US), John Beagley (UK), Tom Kraus (US), Ronald Wahle (NL)



I hope eternally I brought you close to me
And that the journey shared was worth the love and care
I grew up in your shoes not knowing what to do
You showed me love and life – showing me wrong from right
Growing up the scale
Crafting me to sail
Into the big wide world
Stretch my wings
Wanting the best for me
Channelling your energies
Saved me from tragedy
To fly.....

I kept you up at night I put up such a fight
I tested your resolve to leave your time alone
I forged my friends at school – you guided me from fools
You taught me many ways to get me through the grades
Battles - we had a few
Isolated in my room
Calmer when music played
Really loud
Not scared of consequence
Figuring out my defence
To the challenge life presents
For me

Oooh aaahhh he we go – changing the state of the world
Ooohh ahhh here we go – blissful in naivety

All of the dreams – all of the hopes
All of the black and white choices we chose
All of the things we wanted to be
Swimming around in our creativity
All of the things I hoped would come true
Seemed to be harder to push and to move
People say things that you want them to say
Lie through their teeth to keep your hopes at bay

Oohhh ahhh here we go – undetired we blindly fly
Ooohh ahhh – here we go – into the journey of life

(To Work)
All of the work – the blood sweat and tears
All of the effort to fight what we feared
All that we learned and all that we tried
Working for people who cheat steal and lie
Driven by money and all they can get
Opening your eyes to how cruel life is set
All self consuming and evil intent
Not what you thought and sure not what was meant

All this destruction All of this death
All of this worry Must get better yeah?
All of this nightmare All of this shame
All of this guiltiness It must be a game?
All of this trouble All of this pain
All of the lying ... this ill gotten gain
All that I wanted It cant be found here
All this is shit and I have to get clear...

(To need love)
Would you listen if I said I care
Do you notice in the way I stare
In your eyes I see the futures bright
This self control to letting go feels right

Trying to open up my heart to you
Is breaking everything I feel and do
Could you give my soul a little time
To share the feelings that I feel tonight

Want you to notice – Want you to know
Want all your feelings – don’t want you to go
Want you in my life – all to myself
Want you to love me - And nobody else
Smash down the barriers – break down the walls
Blow inhibitions – with no care at all
Communication – open your mind
Talk to me walk with me – find me the time

These are feelings that I know I had
If only I knew then what I know now
You seize the moment and you try your best
If it is love it then it will past the test

Sitting here drifting away with nostalgia
Looking at photos of days that we had
Time passes quickly – you want it to stand still
As Older and wiser the days pass you by

And the temperatures rising
As the number grows higher
There’s still much to do now
With so little time

Carry me back to days I’ve experienced
Like to return and repeat it again
Knowing what I know now I’d do it differently
Change some decisions and enjoy the ride

(Birth of child)
And the temperatures rising
There's so much to do now
As my new life is born
I’ll teach all that I know

I want the best for you
Do what you have to do
Don’t live your life as me
Focus your energy
On doing what you can
To be a better man
This is the start of life
Live it the way you like
I’m here if you need
I’ll be only pleased
To give a point of view
To help


released June 27, 2012
Jeremy Cubert - piano, Chapman stick, organ and solo synths
John Beagley - vocals, synths, programming
Tom Kraus - nylon and steel string acoustic guitars
Ronald Wahle - drums and electric guitars



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FORMATIV Blijham, Netherlands

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